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A New Day
Jane Doe

Celine Dion’s, “A New Day Has Come,” which released on 25 March 2002, has been my favourite CD of all times. I have always loved her music right from when she hit the spot light in the music industry. Although she has been in the industry long before 1996, “Falling Into You” which was released in that year was her first track which I heard and I began looking out for her album release ever since then.

“A New Day Has Come” was released by Celine Dion after she came back from a long break since 1997 which she took to take care of her husband and manager who was suffering from cancer at that time. She also had a son, René Angelil during the break. It was her first studio appearance since, “Let’s Talk about Love” which was her last album. Her comeback was so strong, as though she knew her fans, especially me, missed her so much.

The album has sixteen tracks with “I’m Alive” being track one. It was written by Kristian Laudin and Andreas Caelsson. This particular track expressed how she felt after being out of the studio for a significantly long period of time. It tells me that she is full of life, exuberance, productive and conquers all challenges that would have hindered one from achieving set goals. Normally, when I wake in the morning, I play this track at about 5:30am and I feel so lively, I rise up with vigour, irrespective of how I feel, I am motivated to face the task for the day.

“Rain, Tax (It’s Inevitable)” is track 4. It is more of a pop music that reflects on some of the inevitabilities of life, rain and tax. This particular track draws me nearer to reality, for me, it is best listened to in the afternoon while driving on a busy lane. This track particularly reflects Dion’s attempt to explore a new range of pop music, different from the love and romance theme she is known for.

Track 13 is, “The Greatest Reward.” This track portrays the outstanding vocals of the performing artist along with an excellent blend of disco and pop anthems. It eases my mind, relieving me of stress and pressure. I find it a very useful track to relax. Since this is my favourite CD of all times, I cannot keep count of how many copies I have bought, but I have at least 2 copies at a time, I keep one in the car and one at home. So when I am travelling, Track 13 is in play, especially in the country sides with my retractable roof open, giving me that desired moment when I can strike a balance with nature.

The album has lots of other great tracks like “Nature Boy,” “Sorry for Love,” among others. But in all of these, no track compares to Track 5, “A New Day Has Come.” It is my favourite track. I prefer the radio remix version because it is slower, soft and tender.

This particular track means a lot to me because it concentrates more on the realities of life rather than entertainment. It portrays the scenario of one who faced a challenge for so long and waited for some help and relief to come. After patiently waiting, help came and it came in such a manner and degree you least expected, such that you could barely remember the challenges anymore.

Sometimes in life we experience these challenges at different levels, when we overcome them, we can look back and we are glad with ourselves. When you are at that point, you know that it is truly the dawn of a new day.

Celine Dion has been one of my favourite artists, and she will remain so for a very long time to come. I actually look forward to her new album; if there will ever be another one.

Jane Doe writes from the American South East.

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