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Rise or Die
M Alan Roberts

“Rise! Get yourselves together. Stand up and live your lives!”
Nikki Sixx from “Sixx AM”

Is it so difficult to rise?

Your monkey mind will be the death of you if you don’t tame it. You keep flipping your thoughts around, like a jungle primate swinging through trees; trying to find some validation for your discontentment. There is none, though.

Thus, you rot in thought, seemingly unable to advance or even catch a small breath of hope for the future.

Billions of people, just like you and I, live on this planet together. Only geography as well as physical and imaginary borders separate us. Governments create borders to gain control of assets, such as food, water and people like us.

Some women and men think birthplace makes them better.

Citizens of some countries believe they are special by birth. They feel that since they were born into a certain citizenry, that they are destined to be fortunate above others born elsewhere. They walk around, ever arrogant, acting like ancient western Roman aristocrats.

Didn’t they ever hear about a Germanic Barbarian named Odoacer?

Almost every haughty person I know, in the US, would fall apart and beg for the kindness of complete strangers if they had to go without unctuous foods for even a single day.

While us fat, fortunate Americans continue shoving bacon-wrapped, deep-fried cheeseballs down our gullets, current statistics state that more than a billion of our planetary siblings have never used electricity. Another 2.9 billion have to use wood or other biomasses for heating and cooking, if they are fortunate enough to have a spot to heat or food to cook.

Why do so many people continue to let by the lies and corruptions of their governments blind them? Why don’t we rise up? Why don’t we demand that some of the multiple billions in Big Energy profits go to improving life for all people?

Big Energy is not alone. Other industries share blame for the needless, disgusting imbalances though in the world. Consider Big Pharma.

According to the Mayo Clinic, in 2013, more than 70% of Americans were on one prescription drug. More than half of those took two or more drugs regularly. One fifth, of Americans, used five or more drugs routinely. Painkillers, antibiotics and antidepressants are the most prescribed types.

If you watch television, then pay attention to the advertisements. According to the Washington “Post,” in 2014 drug makers spent more than $4.5 billion advertising their products. Some of the biggest sellers are Cialis, Humira, Lyrica, Viagra and Eliquis. More than $220 million went to advertising each of these drugs in 2014 alone.

Physicians get kickbacks for prescribing drugs. That is a fact. Just like politicians, modern physicians are liars, mostly. They deliver pleasant lies instead of uncomfortable truths about human health, perpetuating societal idiocy and making the sick sicker.

According to the National Institutes of Health, “7.5 per cent of US children, 6-to-17 years old, were taking medication for “emotional or behavioral difficulties,” in 2011-2012.”

Don’t you think that’s obscene? Shouldn’t we string up every drug dealing “physician,” in public, for taking part in this international pharmaceutical genocide? True healers encourage holistic healing; not drug abuse.

Why do we continue to allow ourselves, like slaves, to be impoverished, malnourished, indebted and mentally manipulated?

Yep, Big Pharma and Big Energy are definitely genocidal entities, but they don’t work alone. These two epitomes of corruption are just a couple of the key players in the bigger plan for continued population decimation, asset capture, societal brain-numbing and global dominance.

Enter the police.

Every organization, which controls populations, requires thugs for enforcement of their doctrines. In the United States and many other countries, those thugs are the police.

Personally, I love police and detest them, as well. I love those that protect old women and help fix flat tires. I’d like to see the literal end of those that beat and shoot others for no good reasons.

An intense desire to help society be a better, safer place for citizens is not a job requirement for police officers. Today, many police forces are full of officers that demonstrate no interest to question authority. They do as told, without hesitation. They act heinously, knowing they are safe, for the most part, from forces more powerful than are they.

Even the “good” police are thugs. They have to be. It is the very definition of their vocations.

A police officer gets an order. He or she synchronizes with a team of likeminded thugs. They carry out missions. Then they go home and act as if the job is just so damn tough that nobody could possibly understand his or her trials and tribulations.

Surely, nobody could understand all that the average cop sacrifices just to wake up in the morning. All of these courageous men and women are heroes!


I read somewhere recently that good cops should be the first to police the bad cops. That makes sense. For instance, if three “bad” cops beat a woman to death because she hesitated to obey their commands, immediately, all the “good” cops should intensely act to expose their substandard action.

Does this happen; have you ever seen it happen? No. All cops stand together; even and, especially, when “a few bad apples” turn psychopathic. It would be simple for “good” cops to expose “bad” copies; get rid of “bad” cops. It will not happen though.

What will happen is a continued worsening of relations between the public and the police. Cops will act worse, as mandated or simply allowed to by their superiors. Like proxy wars, fought between lesser countries, for powerful countries, police forces are proxy warriors against certain factions of our fellow citizens, in the streets.

Now, you’re taking prescription drugs sot you can manage your actions and health problems. You have to be able to feel well enough to get out in society and earn money. We all need money, right? The more money you have, the more drugs, energy and police “protection” you can afford.

You can buy more food too, such as like crispy chicken wings, ice cream, cheesecake, sausage balls, milkshakes and pounds and pounds of bacon. Hell, throw in a four-dollar bottle of potato vodka and a pack of six-dollar cigarettes to make your day fully complete.

Too many men and women await the locus to have a filling mean.

Don’t worry or even think about those billions that haven’t had anything to eat except for rice and locusts, in months or years. It’s true, millions of people anxiously wait for upcoming locusts swarms. A good swarm is a reason for Third World feasting and partying!

Let us not waste potential eating, hating and taking drugs or thinking of their annoying plights. Those third worlders will be okay. They always are, right?

Can the average person do anything to shift the world balance between corruption and decency? Is it possible for people to unite, stand, march and create change together?

Can people unify and simultaneously reverse political corruption, militarized police, global poverty, misinformation, broken health, poisonous foods, contaminated water, vaccinations, chemical trails, Big Energy, Big Pharma, unwarranted imprisonment, blatant criminal acts, compromised morals, lacking integrity and highly prevalent self-centered gluttony of the masses?

Is it really so difficult to rise?

Hell no, it is no. Now do it.

M Alan Roberts is a radical thinker. He has a gimlet eye for injustice, much as did Frederich Engels, a century and a half before. Still, Roberts finds a way to write effective SEO copy. This suggests both sides of his brain, his mind, work equally well.

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