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Streeter Click

GrubStreet.ca is intended as a destination for opinion, reviews, commentary, criticism and related information on a wide, the widest possible, range topics. The goal of GrubStreet.cais to foster free expression, resulting from a general education or personal research and private study. To this end. GrubStreet.ca also posts new fiction, humour and experimental work from established or new writers

GrubStreet.ca involves posting, that is, publishing, content about or built on the work of others. Examples include reviews, social analysis, opinion or comment. Each of these examples builds on extant information other or previous publications, recordings and broadcasts, among other sources.. Progress builds on existing accomplishments, the future on the past.

Every effort is made to ensure the the following general standards are met. The source of works used are cited, including name, author, publisher and year of publication. The same general standard of identification applies to recordings or broadcasts.

GrubStreet.ca welcomes corrections, additions or other information intended to improve the precision of identification of source works.

To facilitate free expression, GrubStreet.ca operates without the motive of gain. GrubStreet.ca has tried to avoid advertising or entering into commerical partnerships or affilation arrangements, but a slumping Canadian dollar threatens this policy. For the moment, GrubStreet.ca is experimenting with advertising to supplement our monetary donation base. GrubStreet.ca continues to accept and largely rely on donations from readers.

The primary use of any monies received is for operating costs and the maintenance and persistence of the website, including, but not limited, to software, hardware, specialized coding, purchase of content and so forth.

Charity benefits from surfeit funds. The primary target charity is the Variety Club of Toronto, in memory of Walt Grealis, O. C., and tribute to Stan Klees, founders of a significant Canadian Cultural product, the recording industry.

Read more about the GrubStreet.Ca mission Why Grub Street, Philosphy 1, Philosophy 2, Philosophy 3.

Streeter Click is editor of GrubStreet.ca.

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