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Bucky Wayne, the Legend
Streeter Click

Bucky Wayne is the pseudonym, of a well-known fellow, that doesn't want his identity revealed. He was born in the American mid-west to normal parents. They didn't beat or harass him. He enjoyed school and going out with his friends.

While attending college, he did odd jobs around town. As he was a strapping young man, the older women, for whom he did work, took notice. Eventually, one of the older, good- looking widows decided she wanted him to do more than paint her house.

After that experience, Bucky was in demand for his special services. Although he enjoyed the female company, the money wasn't rolling in as he hoped. There had to be something more he could do.

Bucky drove to California where some of his high school friends had settled. He stayed with them for a while. He, again, started doing odd jobs. Once again, older women took notice of him.

This time, he hit the mother lode. One of the women, with a special interest in Bucky, produced adult movies. She told him he would be a natural talent.

Once he learned how much money there was in making adult films, Bucky found a financial advisor and started to save his money. He did this from the ages of 20-to-25. Once he saved over a million dollars, he decided his on screen time was done.

Although he wouldn't make as much money, Bucky decided to produce and direct adult films as well as dabble with independent or indie films. He quickly discovered he enjoyed indie films and, finally, gave up his career in adult films.

Thanks to luck and new connections, Bucky soon found himself working on mainstream indie films. He grew a beard and mustache, deepened his tan and shaped his body differently. He didn’t want anyone to recognise him as Bucky Wayne porn star.

Today, he uses his real name and loves every minute of his new career. Bucky enjoyed going out with non-porn people; he quickly found a new girlfriend. After a few months, they moved in together to see how well they’d get along, which was very well. After a year, they married.

Bucky did admit to his past to his new wife. He didn’t want any surprises in the future. She was okay with that and both tested for VD and HIV. Thankfully, the tests came back negative.

The wife, Gracie, was a partner at very prestigious Los Angeles law firm. Her specialty was corporate mergers and acquisitions; she was very good at what she did. Between the two of them, they were very comfortable. With that said, the decided it was time to buy a home. They settled on a nice bungalow in Brentwood, a ritzy suburb of Los Angeles.

Bucky developed a reputation as a great trouble-shooter on any film. This means he can direct, produce, edit and take care of any problems that popped up the set. He had a very steady manner and a quick wit; he could defuse any situation, easily.

His wife asked him once how he got his name. He smiled and laughed, telling her it was game played in high school. You took the name of your first pet and the street where you lived to make your porn name. Bucky was his first dog and Wayne was the street where he lived; thus, Bucky Wayne.

As of May 2018, Bucky Wayne becomes an occasional columnist for GrubStreet.ca.

Streeter Click is editor of GrubStreet.ca.

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