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Ted 2
Jane Doe

Teddy bears are a common in most homes, with children. Over the years, they have earned their place as one of the classic children toys. Could it be because of their furriness? Maybe it could be because they are cuddly. Well no one can say for sure. It could be one if not both of the above.

If you had a teddy bear growing up, then you probably know what all the fuss. If you did not have that privilege, then Ted can help you out. I am not talking of the Ted that you know. I am talking of “Ted” the movie.

Ted is a Sci-Fi movie released in 2012. The movie grounds in the friendship between two friends. The twist in this set up is that one of the friends is a stuffed teddy bear, named Ted, voiced by Seth McFarlane. The owner, of Ted, is a fellow named, John Bennett, portrayed by Mark Wahlberg. The movie is a story of their continuing friendship.

If you have watched “Ted,” then you will not want to miss ““Ted 2” ,” the sequel of the humorous and twisted “Ted,” with a near heart-breaking end. ““Ted 2” ” picks up from the unexpected end of “Ted.” We last left when Jack was trying to be mature and responsible. He had married his long-time girlfriend, Lori, portrayed by Mila Kunis.

In “Ted 2,” the ever-free spirited Ted is embracing the world of maturity and adulthood. In this unexpected twist, Ted weds Tami-Lynn, portrayed by Jessica Barth. Unfortunately, his thunder pal is divorced from Lori six months earlier. With time, the couple decides to have a child. Parenthood may not be too eager to accept Ted.

Being a parent for Ted is not a walk in the park. The couple must show, beyond reasonable doubt, that Ted is indeed a person. This sends Ted, John and Tami-Lynn into a new adventure. It is during this time that Ted realizes he has so much to lose. One court in Massachusetts has concluded Ted is not a person, but a property to be owned.

 The verdict passed sees Ted and Lori lose their wedding certificate. The drama is never ending. John and Ted try everything within their power to attain what they desire. Well, I guess you have to watch it to see how it all ends.

 Although “Ted 2” is a sequel to “Ted,” the ideas are somewhat different. In “Ted,” it was more about not letting go. Both Ted and John wanted to remain the way they were when John was young. Ted wanted to have a care-free life. He more often than not influenced the decisions made by John.

 In the end, of “Ted,” John bursts out of this bubble. He opts to ‘grow up’ and accept responsibility. This leads to his marriage to Lori.

 In “Ted 2,” it is more about Ted’s maturity. His choice to marry Tami-Lynn is the basis of the sequel. This does not mean that “Ted 2” has lost the comedy of “Ted.” On the contrary, the movie manages to hold the same level of comedy as the original movie. There is more drama, more laughter, more anxiety, more everything. Fortunately, the trash talk has not increased.

Who would have thought that this kind of fiction would gain this kind of popularity? A teddy bear being friends with an adult is not exactly what one would call the perfect match, but, then again, what is more perfect than a long lasting friendship.

“Ted” brought together comedy and raw vibe, with a nice touch of adulthood. “Ted” was a great, but “Ted 2” is the ultimate home run. It takes the process of maturity and lightens it up, making it more exciting. “Ted 2” may not be appropriate for young, impressionable children. This is due to the vulgar language that characterizes this sequel.

 If you are out for a good laugh, then “Ted 2” is the movie for you to watch. I would advise you to watch “Ted” before the sequel. “Ted” will give you the basic information you need to understand the occurrences in “Ted 2.” Enjoy 115 minutes of laughter, smack talk and excitement with “Ted 2.”





Jane Doe writes from the American South East.

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