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My Eraser
M Adam Roberts

On a few, rare occasions throughout my lifetime, thus far, I've experienced extraordinary dreams, while sleeping, that seemed so real, and so vivid and so emotionally inspiring or disturbing, that upon my awakening, I somehow knew in my spirit that what I had just experienced was more than just a dream. I believe, on each of such occasion, it was a message sent to either inspire or enlighten, or frighten and discourage me from either one realm of the supernatural or the other.

 A couple of months ago I experienced such a dream that I would like to share with you today. After reading of my experience, you can decide for yourself whether you believe it was just an ordinary, insignificant dream or not.

The first part of this story is what I actually dreamed. The remainder of the story is what revealed to me, concerning the dream, after I awakened.

It was about 2 am in the morning when I awoke from a very perplexing dream. Upon opening my eyes, I was left feeling unsettled and emotionally upset about a very important question the dream had left in my thoughts. In the dream, I was a very young student seated at a child's desk in an old school house. Outside of the dream, I knew I was much older in physical age than I was appearing to be while sitting at my desk in the classroom. At my desk, I appeared to be in about the second grade of elementary school. I was the only one in the class.

Without anyone telling me, I somehow knew that the school I was in was not a school of academics. I enrolled and attended the school of life and it was a spiritual institution.

Class was about to start and, in the spirit, I was introduced to the faculty and staff of the program. I was aware that the Father of all creation was the head master, or the principle of the school, so to speak. He would be the one who would decide whether I would pass or fail my course of life. My teacher was introduced who, I was told was His Holy Spirit. He would guide and instruct me in all things required in order to pass the course.

Having been a Christian believer and follower for most of my life, I knew that the two faculty members, to whom I met, were part of the Holy trinity. I also knew there was still a third member of the triune so far not introduced to me, as being a part of my educational process. There was no mention of Him and I knew that could not be! The three always work together, for they are the same. Still, none explained why He wasn't there. My eyes scanned the classroom back and forth looking for where He might be. I knew He had to be there somewhere! No way would He, or could He, just be left out of my life course! I had a schoolmaster. I had a teacher. Who else, or where else, could He be? He must play an important role in this process. What is His role? Where is He?

I was tossing and turning in my sleep. I couldn't solve the mystery. There was no other staff position left unfilled that could possibly honor His deity as the third member of the trinity. I knew there had to be an answer. He couldn't be out of the picture. His position in my life was just too important. I was terribly upset in my dream as I earnestly sought His role in my school of life.

Then I woke up.

Immediately, I knew I had experienced one of those rare dreams; it was more than a dream. I knew it was a dream of significance and great importance and I needed to analyze it closely, and most of all, figure out where the missing link fit into my life. I couldn't go back to sleep not knowing. I had to go outside, walk and pray. This dream left me hanging! I needed to know its reason for coming to me and I needed to know its conclusion. I walked and prayed.

While walking and praying I ran through my mind every possible item stored or located in the classroom that could've filled the part of the third member of the tribune staff in my school. He couldn't be the chalkboard! He couldn't be the trashcan, the notebook paper or the light fixtures! None of these things made any sense or would show any honor or glory to His most high and exalted position. Then, suddenly, it hit me! It hit me so hard that I immediately started sobbing. I could hardly breathe! I couldn't speak.

"I am your eraser, “I heard a voice speak into my spirit. “ I will be right there beside you correcting all your mistakes as you go along your way. If you will allow me, I will make your life presentable, perfect and unblemished before the Head Master when it comes time for you to graduate from school. I am your eraser."

Wow. What a revelation! It was an insignificant eraser. It lay on the desk of a young schoolchild, revealing his life. The more I considered its place and importance, the more I knew it was exactly the position the Son of the Creator of the universe, the third member of the heavenly triune, would desire to fill in my life. I would no doubt be lost without an eraser. I would certainly fail my course without Him being there to correct my mistakes.

As I continued walking, I began taking notes as fast as my hands could write because the spirit was revealing all kinds of tear jerking things to me that I knew were of extreme importance. I didn't want to risk forgetting one single thing! I saw myself sitting at that little school desk trying my very best to do everything right. I would hear my teacher softly instructing me on what to do, but no matter how hard I tried, I kept messing up! I would look over to my eraser. He would come and wave His hand over that page of my life and it would instantly become white as snow again. I watched myself messing up one page after another after another and each time my eraser would come over and give me a clean page again.

Finally, the final day of school had come, in my vision. I looked down at my final exam and it was a mess, as usual. The Head Master of the school called me and asked for my test papers. I knew I had failed. As I started to walk towards the Head Master's office, I saw standing at the door, my eraser! The test was over. I feared it might be too late to ask for His help this one last time. He reached out and took the works of my life into His hands, and then handed a snow white, spotless and unblemished copy back to me. It was totally void of everything I had ever done. In the top right hand corner was His name, in blood. He said, "Give this to the Head Master." I protested and said, "I can't! It's not my work! It doesn't even have my name on it! He will never accept it!

My eraser told me again. "Give it to Him. It's perfect just the way it is."

M Adam Roberts lives and writes from Clearwater, Florida.

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